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BralessBrunchers is an Event Management Company that's tailored to providing Financial support to Breast Cancer Awareness. Our focus is to have men and woman participate in a fun, non-pressured, and effective way to help promote breast cancer awareness. Additionally, we intend to help contribute and provide educational resources through financial assistance to aid detection and treatment.

Our goal is to combine the energy and unique perspective of young adults having fun while contributing to a cause that if it hasn't affected them personally already, it may affect them in the near future.

While we work to figure out the best way(s) we can help raise money for this widespread issue affecting so many of our loved ones, one easy, free way to support the movement and increase awareness is to attend brunch, braless!

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Christopher Cheng

Chief Executive Officer/President
(904) 477-6810

Camille Buxeda

Senior Vice President/Spokesperson
(407) 314-2636

Lucas Schachter

Chief Financial Officer
(845) 641-8321